How to plan the wedding to really enjoy it?

Do not forget that organizing a wedding is not only for guests but for yourself to celebrate love with your better half. It is really nice of you to think of what your family and friends will like at your wedding but do not forget to have fun too! Let go through some tips on how to plan the wedding that you will enjoy.

Last years brought some changes into the wedding world. There are more intimate weddings and elopements (just bride and groom, there are no guests in elopements). In spite of all the changes in modern weddings there are certain tips that apply to all kinds of the wedding.

Here is the list of 7 tips on Planning the Perfect Wedding that you will really enjoy

1. How many guests should I invite for my wedding?

The first rule is - invite only the people you truly want to see on your wedding. Do not focus on how many people should you invite but rather who would you love to share your special day with.

The more friends you invite to your wedding the better (bad news for your wallet). Not people in general. Friends. It is your friends who will make the atmosphere special and make you feel great during your wedding. More people are dancing at the wedding party, bigger chances are the shy part of your wedding guests is going to join them too. Think of the people you always have fun with. They will take your wedding to another level.

2. Do I have need a first dance at my wedding?

You are not the greatest dancer or you simply do not enjoy dancing that much? Does the idea of the first dance give you a tiny anxiety attack?

Do not do it then.

Remember the most obvious and important thing: it is YOUR wedding and you should organize it YOUR way. I have seen a lot of weddings in my career of wedding photographer and you would be surprise how many couples skip the first dance. Liberating, right?

So how to start a party if you skip this part? Just arrange it with the DJ to announce it whenever you want.

3. Do not rush

Do not get crazy if your make up is not ready on time. The ceremony will not start without you.

The same rule applies to your guests. Do not rush them to the party right after the wedding dinner if you see they are having fun at their tables or outside. Join them to chat and chill out, they all came here because of you.

Take your time, do not stress if something does not follow the exact schedule you have planned. You don't want to stress on your Big Day, right?

4. Should I choose DJ or a band?

The main question is how much money do you want to spend on your party. The band will always be more expensive than a DJ but nothing gets people off the wall as well as live music.

Remember one thing, it is better to hire a great DJ than average band. The same way as it is better to hire just great photographer instead of average photographer + videographer 😉

5. Chillout area is always a good idea

Not everybody will want to dance all night, especially the older part of your guests. It would be great if you consider them too and organize a small chill-out area where they can socialize with other guests in their pace.

It might be great option for you too, a wedding day can be very intense. You will only need a couple of things to make a perfect chillout zone for your wedding. Comfortable place to sit or even lay down, some drinks nearby and subtle lights to make a wonderful, dreamy atmosphere.

6. What to do with the kids at the wedding?

Some people claim weddings are just for the adults but we also don't want to make it difficult for our guests in case they cannot leave their kids with anyone. Or they just would love them to come. Either way it is a great idea to think of some entertainment for the youngest wedding guests.

You can hire children's entertainers, buy some games (all kids love Jenga) or you can go big and hire bouncy castle. There are so many options to make the kids want to stay at your wedding all night!

7. Ask for help with some things.

The truth is the guests will have fun if you will. How many times I have seen party stopping when the bride left the dancefloor for a while. Everyone is there for you and whenever you are not present it affects general atmosphere.

So do not disappear only to deal with some provider's invoice. Get a help to deal with the technical part of organizing your wedding. It does not necessarily mean hiring someone. Sometimes your siblings or close friend can be extremely helpful. They will save you a lot of stress and help you to fully immerse and enjoy the most important day of your life.

I hope with these tips it will be easier for you to organize the wedding you enjoy as much as your guests!