Your engagement photoshoot is probably of the most fun things you will do with your partner in the whole process of planning your wedding. It is like taking a break from the fuzz of planning your wedding and escaping for a dream date while you're getting a professional photographer to take your pictures. 

This guide is created to help you to get ready for the photoshoot.  I am going to advise you on choosing the location, what to wear and how to feel comfortable in front of a camera.

Let´s start then!

1. Finding the right location for the engagement photoshoot

Think of a place straight out of your dreams. Are you a beach person or rather prefer mountains? Or maybe the city hustle is more what represents you? Are you are introvert and feel more comfortable at your place rather than outside?

The most important thing is to choose a place that you will love. Every place has its own charm and every place makes a great location for an engagement photoshoot as long as it represents your relationship.


I love to use my drone during the engagement photo sessions but there are places with certain law restrictions. If you are really into wedding drone photography ask me about the place you're thinking of and I can check if we could use the drone at the location you are thinking about.

Have a hard time deciding about the place?

I am here to help you. I dedicate all my free time traveling and know plenty of stunning places all around Spain so do not hesitate to ask me for some recommendations. We will go through this process together.

2. What to wear for an engagement photoshoot?

The comfort of your body and the comfort of your mind.

During the photo shoot, you are going to walk, sit, run and have a lot of fun so the most important thing is to wear comfortable clothes. It is also a good idea to wear clothes that flatter your body type.


I am a huge fan of earth colors. Natural colors match perfectly with nature, it does not matter if we are in the forest, coastline, or desert, you cannot go wrong with earth tones. Khaki works perfect with nature of any kind. Light blue matches perfectly with the sky colors.

However, if you naturally like the attention and think of yourself as an extrovert, you can go crazy with clothes. You can even look for inspiration in online stores and get some clothes just for the photoshoot.


Wear them if you have any! I really like how necklaces and earrings look on people. They look especially great when you move to make the pictures look even more dynamic. Small details that make a difference!

You've got a cool jacket or like wearing a hat? Bring it with you.

I recommend you bring 2 outfits for you and we will try to look for some different looking places at the location. Once the light change and you change the outfit it even looks like you've had 2 different photoshoots.

3. Hair and make-up

Do not go crazy with makeup. Try to find the perfect balance between looking natural and feeling comfortable about yourself. Just wear the same kind of make-up you would on a date out with your partner.

The same advice goes for your hair. Remember you will have a lot of pictures with perfect hair from your wedding day. Engagement photoshoot has a more natural feel.

4. Pets or props

If there is any pet that forms part of your life I would love to take a picture of all of you! In the end it is a part of your family and what define you as a person too.

You don't have a pet but you play guitar? I would love to take pictures of you playing it. Do you have a car you love or you are a badass biker? Say no more.

5. Trust me and go with the flow

Taking pictures of people in love is what I do for a living. Do not worry about the photo shoot. You are not going to pose. I will create an intimate atmosphere and give you clear advice and what to do at every moment. Are you camera-shy? Most of the couples I work with are. It is my job to make you feel relaxed and have a good time so do not think about it too much, just enjoy the time with your partner and in the end of the day you will end up with beautiful memories and stunning photographs for the rest of your life.