Meet your Photography and video Team

As you have probably seen all over my website my name is Damian Zurowski. My love for wedding photography began in 2017, and since then, capturing the essence of romance, the butterflies of anticipation, and those candid "oops" moments became my calling. With the background in editorial photography I also love to add the accents of fashion and details.

With a background that dances between fashion editorial and those candid, caught-off-guard shots that everyone secretly adores, I bring a sprinkle of glamour and a dash of realness to your wedding album. After all, who says you can't look like runway models while smashing cake in each other's faces?

Covering weddings all around the world has taught me one thing: Love is a universal language, but each couple speaks their own dialect. From quiet whispers to grand gestures, your love story is unique. And it's my team's mission to capture every "I do," every laugh, every tear (of joy, hopefully!), and even that uncle who thinks he's still got the moves on the dance floor.

We're a band of professional memory makers, specializing exclusively in weddings because, let's face it, where else can you find such raw emotion, exquisite outfits, and desserts? (We're eating during the weddings too, but don't tell anyone.)

Ready to make some memories? Let's turn the page together on this new chapter of your love story. Trust us; it's going to be epic.

Our Team





Dani is your go-to guy for all things cinematic. He's got an eye for the grand, sweeping shots that make your wedding look like the blockbuster hit of the year. With him, it's not just a video; it's a movie starring you. Behind the scenes, he's a bit of a tech geek, always equipped with the latest gadgets to capture your day in the highest definition.

Jowita thrives on capturing candid moments, her camera almost an extension of her keen observational skills. She has a knack for being at the right place at the right time, ensuring that no fleeting smile or tearful glance is missed. Outside of photography, Jowita's passion for vintage aesthetics is evident in the timeless quality of her images, giving your wedding photos a classic feel with a modern twist.





Tim's the king of candid. He'll catch those heartfelt glances and spontaneous dances when you think no one's watching. His videos are like a cozy, emotional blanket woven from your wedding day's most genuine moments. Plus, he's got an unbeatable knack for being in the right place at the right time, ensuring no magical moment goes uncaptured.

Imagine a burst of sunshine mixed with a touch of rock 'n' roll – that's Rose. She approaches each shot with an artist's eye and a rebel's heart, always looking for angles that defy the ordinary. She can turn even the most photo-averse into supermodels. Off-camera, she's a travel junkie with a knack for turning her globetrotting adventures into captivating stories, adding a layer of depth and dynamism to her photography that's as captivating as her personality.