Film Photography

Beyond capturing moments, I create timeless memories with the unique beauty of film photography. This special service, offered as an addition to my wedding packages, is for those who seek to add a classic and emotional dimension to their wedding memories.

Reasons to choose Film Photography

A Different Perspective


Adding film to your wedding photography is like inviting another photographer with a completely different eye. The style and look of film photos stand distinct, offering a refreshing contrast to contemporary digital shots.

For That Timeless Touch


Film brings a warmth and character to photos that digital often can’t replicate. It's about celebrating the beauty in the not-so-perfect, the personality in each frame that tells a story more profound than words.

A Blend of Perfect and Imperfect


Your wedding will be filled with picture-perfect digital shots, but what about the charm of the beautifully imperfect? Film offers this – shots that look like they’ve been taken decades ago, encapsulating pure, unfiltered emotions. No retakes, just raw, genuine moments.

Add a unique, classic touch to your wedding memories. I’m ready to bring the distinct magic of film photography to your special day, creating an album that’s as timeless and unique as your own love story.

What's Included in Your Film Photography Package

Printed Pictures

Your moments, immortalized in prints that carry the warmth and soul of film. These aren't mere pictures; they're windows to a day filled with love.


Original Film

There's something magical about touching the very film that captured your laughter, your tears, your unspoken love. These reels are your raw, unedited heritage – a true analogue memory.


Beautiful Wooden Box

Your prints and film rolls are elegantly housed in a custom-made wooden box, crafted to preserve and showcase the timeless memories of your special day. This box isn’t just for storage; it's a piece of art, reflecting the elegance and sentiment of your wedding.