What are the latest trends in wedding photography?

The beauty of wedding photography lies in its ability to make you relive your wedding years after you got married. This is why the wedding photographer you choose are incredibly important. There is one thing that never changes: Couples are looking for photographers who can capture candid, natural moments that reflect their personalities and their relationship. However there are trends in wedding photography too. Do you remember the white wignette from 90s? Unfortunately, that's an example of a trend that didn't age well but there are plenty of trends that are becoming popular now and honestly, I think they will look great in years to come. So let's take a look:

Flash Photography Trend

Flash photography was there for a while to disappear when more powerful digital cameras appeared on the market. Why? It's simple. It is way easier for a photographer to work without a flashlight. Using flash at a wedding requires knowing how to use it without even thinking and it is another skill to learn.

But boy, they give that paparazzi feel. Using flash straight from the camera gives that look that everyone is used to from pop culture.

Another reason I think flash photography came back to stay is that it looks way better than the 'natural' light there is in many wedding venues. Using flash gives consistency and helps to capture more moments in bad light conditions. I always use it as an additional resource to make the photoshoot more interesting at night.

Drone Photography Trend

Drones are becoming a part of every wedding rather than extra and there is a reason for that. The use of drones allows capturing aerial shots that provide a different perspective on the wedding venue and landscape. These images can include stunning panoramic views of the ceremony and reception, as well as beautiful images of the couple and their guests. Using drones in wedding photography also allows photographers to capture unique and creative shots that would be just impossible to achieve with traditional photography methods. Sometimes there is just not enough space in the wedding venue to take traditional group pictures. Drones come very handy in these situations

Editorial-style Couple Portraits 

Want to feel like a fashion model for a moment? Your wedding is probably one of the best opportunities since you already have professional makeup and an expensive dress on you, right? Editorial-style couple portraits in wedding photography is a trend that emphasizes capturing candid and natural moments between the bride and groom with that extra feel that you are familiar with if you ever had a Vogue magazine in your hands.

Besides looking great it is a wonderful 2023 alternative to the classic wedding poses that we all are tired of. It also allows the couple to have a more relaxed and enjoyable experience during the photo session, as they are not required to pose in a stiff and formal manner. To achieve this style, the photographer should be able to anticipate the couple's reaction, create a comfortable and relaxed environment, and be able to capture natural moments as they happen. And not every photographer can do it, that is why you should choose your wedding photographer very carefully.

Editorial-style Couple Portraits

Nighttime portraits

Nighttime portraits on weddings are a trend that is gaining popularity among wedding photographers around the world. It is also influenced by the comeback of flash photography mentioned before but it isn't limited only to flash photography. Nighttime portraits are typically taken after the ceremony and reception when the couple and their guests have a chance to relax and enjoy the evening. It is way more pleasurable experience for the couple to have their wedding photo shoot during cocktail hour after a glass of champagne or two, rather than right after the ceremony. These portraits are often taken in outdoor locations, such as gardens, courtyards, or other areas with beautiful lighting and scenery.

These portraits are often taken in outdoor locations, such as gardens, courtyards, or other areas with beautiful lighting and scenery. The use of artificial light, such as flash or continuous lighting, can also be used to create beautiful images whenever there is not enough natural light to work with.

Candid Moments

Definitely one of my favorite trends. It is a tendency we can see in the last years. Less posing and more having fun. The days of the overly posed wedding photo may be behind us.

Many photographers have observed that their clients just prefer images that portray natural joy and emotions. It is encouraging to see that couples are valuing real moments captured by photographers rather than old-school poses that remind us of the past century. My clients have been more focused on being present in the moment and enjoying their day rather than following a strict shot list. I am delighted to see that people are moving away from staged images and are embracing candid, genuine, and authentic imagery that truly reflects the essence of their wedding day.

Disposable Cameras for Guests

Disposable cameras for wedding guests is another trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The idea is to place disposable cameras on tables or in a designated area for guests to pick up and use throughout the wedding day. Guests can take photos of the couple, each other, or any other moments they wish to capture. I especially encourage you to use them during the party as your guests will feel very natural posing for their friends taking them pictures. And I assure you, they will be the funniest pictures from your wedding day.

It is also a great idea to place simple Polaroid-style cameras (you can get Fujifilm Instax Mini, which is fairly cheap and reliable) and have an album where your guests can glue the pictures and write whatever they want. That is a great wedding souvenir to have!